St. Petr and Pavel church in Prudnik


St. Petr and Pavel church was built northwestly of the Old town, at Horní suburb, located just behind the town fortification. At present time, the street where the church is located is named Piastowská.





The first modest buildings of the Merciful brothers, consisting of a monastery, hospital and St. Petr and Pavel chapel, were consecrated in 1766. Unfortunatelly, the buildings have not been preserved up to now. The oldest part of buildings was built in 80´s of the 18th century. The first buildings to build were the monastery and hospital (1782-1783), later the church, whose patrons were, as well as the chapel, St. Petr and Pavel (1785-1787). Michal Klemens from Karniow was the architech of the church. Six years after the completition, the church was decorated with a tower.


The last extension of buildings was held during World War I  (1914-1916), when the northern wing was built up. Jan´s from Boh house, being under the administration of the order, and a herbal pharmacy now follow the tradition of the Mercyful brothers to look after ill people.



The Mercyful brothers monastery in Prudnik was the first one in Upper Silesia. This happened thanks to the lucky fate that influenced Fryderyk Wilhelm von Rödera, who was a lieutenant colonel in the regiment of cuirassiers staying nearby Prudnik. He was seriously injured in the battle of Freiburg and vainly looking for help in Lądek Zdroj.  One day he got a message about famous deeds done by the brother Probus Martini, belonging to the Mercyful brotherhood  of Wroclav. He was to heal a seriously ill son of a wealthy Prudnik citizen Wedinger. The monk gave back the health also to a lieutenant colonel, who tried to establish a hospital of the Mercyful brothers in the town, where local people could also be treated. 



The relevant permission, issued by King Friedrich II the Great in 1764, opened the town gates for Mercyful brothers and enabled them to practise the humanitarian care.  



Konwent Bonifratrów śś. Piotra i Pawła w Prudniku,

ul. Piastowska 6

48-200 Prudnik

+480 436 26 05 


Opening hours

Sunday: 9:00, 10:30 (chapel), 12:00

Monday to Friday: 7:00

Saturday: 7:00 a 17:00


GPS position: 50°19′18.222″N, 17°34′47.555″E