The lower gate tower




The lower gate tower is situated in Batoryho street, nearby the Prudnicko region museum. The facility is closed for public.



The lower gate tower is one of the oldest monuments in Prudnik. It has been preserved in its stoned appearance since the 15th century. The tower was built in order to defend the one out of three Prudnik gates – “the lower gate”. It was an important part of the town fortification until the 19th century. During the ramparts demolitioning, the lower gate was also to be damaged.



However, thanks to the local enthusiasts and history lovers, the gate was preserved. Only the passageway was broken through.  Between 2006-2007 the tower was completely reconstructed. In the bottom part, the tower is made of stone, in the top part it is bricked and octagonal. It is decorated with a battlements, a cone cupola with a banner, where the date of 1580 is imprinted. After the reconstruction, visitors can admire a stone appearance of walls and and ceilings of the gate.




A perfect renewal of the attraction helped the town to be awarded the Ministry of culture award in category: “The protection of  town fortification monuments”.



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Openning hours

The toer is not open to public.



GPS position: 50°19′16.563″N, 17°35′6.837″E