The weaver´s tradition center


Weaving traditions Center is a branch of Prudnik Museum that was established with a The Establishement of bordering material base to protect weaving cultural traditions in Prudnik and Krnov”, realized by Prudnik. It is situated in Królowej Jadwigi 23 street in Prudnik.



The center is open for public from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. from Tuesday to Friday and also every second and fourth Saturday in a month. To learn more, please visit:




“The town of weavers and shoemakers” – this is how the town was called for centuries ago. This was based on the fact that these were two most important crafts in the town. The greatest weaving development occured in the 19th and 20th century, especially thanks to Fränkel and Pinkus families, one of the European largest textile company  owners. Companies of this wealthy and influential family, in the period of its greatest glory, employed a few thousands of workers. The company owners were famous not only for their wealth, but also for being philantrophists, maecenases and bibliophiles.



After the war and a border change, the weaving company turned into a textile one – “Frotex”, which also strongly influenced lives of new town inhabitants. The company was closed in 2011, no matter the fact that weavering tradition in Prudnik influenced many generations. To preserve the regional heritage, a new Weaving traditions center, a branch of Prudnik museum, was opened in 2009. Main aim of the institution is to follow and propagate the tradition of textile industry lasting for centuries. This is being done through weaving workshops, meetings and exhibitions to keep disappearing traditions alive. The center activities go beyond the town limits. As an example given, there are workshops in Polish – Czech bordering regions, where the youth from Prudnik and Czech town Krnov follow their heritage.




Weaving traditions center

správce Muzeum Prudnik

ul. Królowej Jadwigi 23

48-200 Prudnik

tel. 77 406 80 60


Opening hours and admission

Tuesday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00
If you are interested in a tour on other days, please contact us at tel: 77 406 80 60
Admission: 4 full, 2 half



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